Jessica Leake
I was randomly selected on twitter by Laura Bradford as the winner of books her agency represents. Now, behold, the contents of that box:

DARK ENCHANTMENT, Anya Blast; HOTTER AFTER MIDNIGHT, Cynthia Eden; DEADLY LIES Cynthia Eden; GOING COWBOY CRAZY, Katie Lane; BLOOD OF THE WICKED, Karina Cooper; TEMPTED, Elisabeth Naughton; THE DARKEST SALVATION, Juliana Stone; SCANDAL OF THE SEASON, Christie Kelley; MESMERIZED, Lauren Dane; PRECIOUS AND FRAGILE THINGS, Megan Hart; IMPROPER GENTLEMEN, Diane Whiteside, Maggie Robinson, Mia Marlowe; THE GHOST AND THE GOTH, Stacey Kade; LOVE STORY, Jennifer Echols

Yay! Thirteen books, mostly romance novels. My TBR list is now ridiculously large. It looks something like this now: 

I would say that I'm good on books for awhile, but I know that's not even true. There are a lot more I still want to read!

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  1. Abby Says:

    Oh WOW! Lucky YOU! Enjoy it girl. TBR lists are fabulous - it means you've always got something to read! Congrats on the win!