Kelsey Sandy
One of my professors once told me to never pass up a free contest. She started her career by winning a book contest, and now, not only has she been teaching Creative Writing for over 20 years, but she is the author of two novels, three short story collections, two chapbooks of poetry, one play, and many essays.

Contests are a great way to get your name and work out and add another line to your Author Bio (not to mention that constantly entering contests means that you are constantly writing!).

I came across this free contest today: the Your Story Competition at Writer's Digest

Every other month, Writer's Digest posts a short prompt. In response, you submit a short story. There are currently two contests open.

(1) Write an opening sentence to a story, 25 words or less, based on a photograph. This contest ends Sept. 10.

(2) Write a short story of 750 words or less (that's a really short story!) in response to the following prompt: "After being pulled over for speeding, your character finds something important while looking for her registration in the glove compartment." This contest ends Oct. 10.

The grand prize? Publication in the next Writer's Digest! Talk about getting your name and work out there!

Best of luck to everyone, and keep writing, fellow writers!
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2 Responses
  1. I had totally forgotten about the Writer's Digest Your Story competitions! Thanks for this reminder...going to revisit it now! =)

  2. Sher A. Hart Says:

    I never knew about them. I stopped wasting money on their entry fee contests, but for free, I already tried again with the opening sentence contest. Next up, the whole story. Thanks! Now back to campaigning! Oh yeah, stop by my blog contest. Good chance of winning the chocolate or gift card: